convierte tu casa en un juguete y tu vida será un juego

casa GMG  casa GMG 2

¡El primero en averiguar qué contiene la cápsula roja y blanca gana un premio!

Arquitectos: Pedro Gadanho
Ubicación: Torres Vedras, Portugal
Area: 400.0 m2
Año: 2010


2 comentarios on “convierte tu casa en un juguete y tu vida será un juego”

  1. quite interesting and nice! visually convincing. But what about the fact that architecture (generally and in this particular case), is mimicking someting else than it is in fact? I mean, why should one left curious concave edges in some places, that, except of producing unnecessary manufacturing costs, do not help with nothing? And, going further, why just playing postmodern with ideas that are just fun, but have no other real constructive or economical meaning? I feel sometimes, when looking at an architecture website, that I mistakenly landed in a fashion store, where dresses, their forms, colour and style, are changed every three month for only one reason: people need superficial distraction, and the fashion company wants to sell more and more stuff.
    (It could be that you meant something similar with the spanish title, but I am not able to understand the fine things…)

  2. I think this project reflects a certain “life is a game” – tendency. The people who “live it” day by day get converted to figures. The creative part has been concluded the momento it was built, from then on you are supposed to use it following the manual. Obviously you will get bored of it after some time. It reminded me of Lego or Playmobil structures. It’s great to assemble them for the first time but real fun starts “alienating” them.
    In a way I felt attracted by the project just because of this. It’s not rational, it’s funny, it attracts the attention. Probably it was quite expensive to be built but it seems someone was willing to pay for it. There is a lot of “show off” in it.
    No doubt it is very aesthetic. But does that mean it is good design? Is there a general definition of good design?
    If it makes us think, that shows it was definitely worth posting it!


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